We Expect

We expect

Women to be superheroes-

To be highly educated – yet married in her 20s to build up her haven

To have an astounding career – but be available for her kids / spouse / in-laws 24/7

Her home should be spotless – fresh meals on the table three times a day

Kids personally picked up from school – who can trust a driver or maid anyway

Be dressed to kill – modern but modest

Such paradoxes – no time to rest

Feminism has introduced such a fictitious notion of a super woman – capable of doing all – that people have forgotten that the very differences God made us with meant there was balance in life on Earth. If we, women run after proving to be something we’re not, we will not only lose our identity in the process, the world has come to a point where both men and women are on the brink of insanity! 

More power to us original women – not cheap copies of men! 


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