Janaan – Movie Review

Janaan was released today and I went to watch the public premier of the movie. I was personally super excited because having visited Swat a couple of years back and the mesmerizing beauty of that place still giving me goosebumps, I wanted to visit that wonderland once again through Janaan. 

The movie begins with Meena (Armeena Rana Khan) visiting Swat to attend the wedding of her cousin, Palwasha (Hania Amir) where she falls for Palwasha’s brother, Asfandyar (Bilal Ashraf). 

The first half seems to be sailing through the lives of the main characters of the movie. However at one point the story line seems to have hit a dead end. Then, after the interval, there are so many plots introduced in the story suddenly that in trying to catch up with everything, the main plot of the movie gets lost in the chaos. There’s a bit of everything… a foreign returnee who falls in love with her small hometown, a multi ethnic wedding, a social cause, adoption and child abuse. As it is said, too many cooks spoil the broth – too many plots ruin the soul of the movie. 

The direction was fairly average, the dialogues were extremely weak, apart from the song Janaan, all else felt out of place, the Pakhtoon tradition was lost in the movie, the beautiful Swat valley was just a faded scenery in the background and apart from Ali Rehman Khan whose comic role was a treat to watch, all others gave an average performance.

I was really looking forward to the whole Swat and the Pakhtun tradition experience but I was unfortunately disappointed. 

P.S.: I am no movie critic and the views expressed here are my own personal views. 


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